Let there be light!

That is right just as we were unpacking from our rmove to the lake and food shopping at Walmart I got a call from Missy saying we have power. She and Greg went to my house and YES we have light! Life is back to normal. The kids can sleep in their own rooms and beds!


I baked

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday so I “baked” cupcakes ;). Of course now Payton has taken them and they are all upside down. She is a mess! That was so typical Payton.

After Payton

Before Payton


Went to my first POD (point of distribution) today. Finally one close by. We got ice, water, MRE. Yep military DOD MRE hubby is thrilled. These PODs are very nice since we have no power yet, ugh

there are 12 of these from chili to baked chicken to ham and cheese omelet

supply trucks full of food, MREs, water, and ice

tons of people helping load up cars and unload supply trucks

No phone again

Geez we get phone then they take it away again, UGH. Not nice. Good news is the girls will have school on Monday so things will be more normal then. I went today to Clear Lake to see my parents and do laundry, just like in college. The damage there was amazing, many trees and fences down. I took a side trip to Friendswood to our old neighborhood. So much damage, most rooves were tarped, fences gone and our old house had roof damage in four spots. My good friends were lucky, just lost their fence.

Pool complex from Friendswood, old neighborhood

old neighbor's house with flooded furniture

old house with roof damage

old house with garage roof damage and roofing on driveway

parents house with debris piled up in front


We are still without power, but have a generator. I am so earning my camping badge for this. We never lost water or natural so I can cook, shower, and do dishes. The weather is gorgeous and low humidity, yay! We are out and about getting in lines for gas to run the generator.

Still here

Just wanted to let everybody know a are still here. Disneymum is home with the kids and I am rolling the dice on a generator. We still have no power or any idea when we will get it. We have only information from the radio so a have not seen the effects of the storm other than our immediate area. All are well here.hope all are well with you.