Going to try and get better at posting

Wow I took a long hiatus when school started and didn’t mean too. I will focus on posting more.

Today we had a work day which was a good way to get back after 16 days off. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to get done. We did get 3 weeks of language arts and social studies plans done. Plus we celebrated a team member’s birthday so that counts. I rearranged my classroom. I will post pics tomorrow after I take some. I basically took my 5 groups and made them 3 larger groups. After the kids come back tomorrow I may scrap that idea.

I’m jealous of those with snow days but I would hate to make them up at the end. We already go to June 6th. We are allowed to wear jeans this week which is great plus we were told to dress comfortable and take it easy. I’m totally wearing my Texas A&M Chick Fil A championship shirt.



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