I did it! I took the consultant plunge. I have loved lots of direct sales products and had parties for these companies. I have been asked, pressured, etc to join but I never did. I joined Jamberry and can’t wait to get started and having parties both on Facebook and in home. I have always chewed my nails. I try painting them and it comes off and I bite them again. I go and have manicures and get laughed at for my super short nails and always told no a French manicure will look horrible on you. Then I feel judged because I won’t have my eyebrows waxed. I have been wearing Jamberry and my nails are so long!!! I love they way they look and feel. Plus they are just so fun! If you are interested come see me at my jamberry page

My Jams after being on for 12 days!


My nails as I am reapplying new Jams! I am obsessed with this diamond dust sparkle!


My finished Jamicure.



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