I did it! I took the consultant plunge. I have loved lots of direct sales products and had parties for these companies. I have been asked, pressured, etc to join but I never did. I joined Jamberry and can’t wait to get started and having parties both on Facebook and in home. I have always chewed my nails. I try painting them and it comes off and I bite them again. I go and have manicures and get laughed at for my super short nails and always told no a French manicure will look horrible on you. Then I feel judged because I won’t have my eyebrows waxed. I have been wearing Jamberry and my nails are so long!!! I love they way they look and feel. Plus they are just so fun! If you are interested come see me at my jamberry page

My Jams after being on for 12 days!


My nails as I am reapplying new Jams! I am obsessed with this diamond dust sparkle!


My finished Jamicure.



Second Ice/snow day in 5 days!

This is crazy and unheard of! In the Houston area we rarely have a bad weather day now we have had 2 in 5 days! Of course now we have two days to make up BOO! We had some sleet and snow this morning and my own kids had a blast. I was missing my students and I know they would have loved played outside. I could hear their giggles and shrieks of joy in my head. Today I am organized my giant flash drive filled with all the TPT purchases, blog contest wins, and free hop prizes. It is a mess so I am trying to make it user friendly. I have so many amazing resources but they are hard to locate. Wish me luck!


Going to try and get better at posting

Wow I took a long hiatus when school started and didn’t mean too. I will focus on posting more.

Today we had a work day which was a good way to get back after 16 days off. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to get done. We did get 3 weeks of language arts and social studies plans done. Plus we celebrated a team member’s birthday so that counts. I rearranged my classroom. I will post pics tomorrow after I take some. I basically took my 5 groups and made them 3 larger groups. After the kids come back tomorrow I may scrap that idea.

I’m jealous of those with snow days but I would hate to make them up at the end. We already go to June 6th. We are allowed to wear jeans this week which is great plus we were told to dress comfortable and take it easy. I’m totally wearing my Texas A&M Chick Fil A championship shirt.


Classroom Work

I have spent 2 days in my classroom and I think it is coming along nicely. Since I am in a brand new school and my room is a blank slate I am trying to organize everything perfectly. Tomorrow I tackle either my math manipulative cabinet or my file cabinet.

I did put this together and it houses my notepads, stickers, and rewards.

This will be my home for lost crayons. I had a student last year that was particular about where they belong. He would love these labels I found on TPT.

I am hoping this keeps the piles from growing. The days of the week are for that day’s work and the extra is for sub work.



See it is coming along.


End of July already?

Really how did that happen? Where did my summer go? I go back tomorrow to start on my room. This is a complete redo since all my stuff is packed in boxes or in my dining room. I switched to the brand new school so I am starting over. I am so excited though, last year I went into a room that was inherited and I got so much amazing stuff, I also really never felt like I set anything up. I left a lot of the furniture where it was, the supplies where they were, etc. Now it is all me baby! Watch me set it up exactly like it was LOL. My new school is the identical floor plan as my old one, I even have 2 windows like I did. The only difference is a wall of cabinets which I am completely giddy about. But those glorious cabinets have made it difficult for my bookshelves and reading center so lots of thinking will go into that. I will post before and after pics here.

Now onto some amazing giveaways I have found reading Blog Lovin’. I probably shouldn’t share them with you because that lowers my odds. . .

First we have Buzz Buzz Buzz and the last daily unlock the prizes giveaway. In this giveaway everyone is a winner as long as the set number of entries have been given. Yesterday is was over 400 so everyone needs to enter. If you enter and leave your email address you get the prize pack.

Next we have a blog hop which mad my mouth drop when I saw all the prizes, over $1,000 worth of prizes ranging from decorations to a silhouette machine! There are 17 prize baskets. This giveaway starts tomorrow so be ready.

If you are a Science teacher (which I am this year woooohoooo) you will want to enter the Mad about Science Giveaway.

Third Grade Tidbits is having a bloggy birthday giveaway with some great TPT prizes.

The Science Penguin is giving away her iLearn science product.

Teaching With a Mountain View has teamed up with the Science Penguin for a Quadruple Giveaway.

The Teaching Tribune has their giveaway and they are down to the $25 TPT gift certificate and the Google Nexus 7 tablet, So exciting! There is a blog hop you have to do first so you HAVE to get amazing prizes along the way, so fun!

Sunny Days in Second has a giveaway for the rolls royce of the pencil sharpeners the Quietest Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.

Kindergarten Kel is having a Birthday bash with many TPT goodies up for grabs.


The Pennsylvania Bloggers are having a fun blog hop today.

Lastly we have a Facebook giveaway from Ideas by Jivey.

Whew that is a lot of fabulous goodies out there!

Good luck!



First we have The Teaching Tribune’s giveaway with amazing prizes. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is still available.


Next we have Teach n’ Tex’s 3 for 3 giveaway filled with lots of TPT products and the coveted pencil sharpener that is all over the blog world.


Check out Buzz Buzz Buzz! Each day July 28-31 and if she gets 150 entries each day the prizes are unlocked and EVERYONE wins! Today’s prizes were unlocked and emailed out and they are fabulous!



Good luck!